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Crispy Honeycomb Cookies wt Sesame Seeds(Kuih Ros or Kuih Goyang)

Who don't like Honeycomb cookies? I loves Honeycomb cookies or in Malay it's called as Kuih Goyang or Kuih Ros.During Chinese New Year or Hari Raya celebration,Kuih Ros is a must cookies to present as goodies for guests when they are visiting. I recalled when I was back during Chinese New Year in Malaysia 2 years ago ,I was so sick from eating kuih ros,kuih kapit and fried fish cracker non-stop.I had to get 2 shots from doctor to relieved my fever and sore throat..For years living in States I didn't have chance to enjoy this type of cookies until full extend.Of course,when I saw all the delicious cookies in the tins or in the tray on the table,I can't resist not eating until sick!! Thinking back I was really silly!! It's look like I was just release from a jail house! lol! Well,I think the key from eating all this kind of yummy delicious cookies during festival is moderate.
Of course ,honeycombs cookies is available in Malaysia restaurant in NYC but it's extremely expensive!! You don't want to know how much it's.If I tell you the price,you must said "only 10 pieces "!! or with that price I can get a big and tall tin/can of honeycombs cookies in Malaysia!! Or eat until you get sick!!"
This is my 2nd second year making honeycomb cookies myself.Last year was my 1st: look Here!!.My mom bought me 2 honeycomb mould before I left Malaysia after CNY..She choose the best honeycomb mould for me..I was blessed with both easy released mould bcos when both moulds coated with dough once was dipped into the hot oil with a little shake ,the cookies was released out beautifully without problem..There are many honeycomb cookies recipe out there but as usual I used my mom recipe..I prefer to use rice flour than all purpose flour as many people do..But this time I mixed half of my dough with sesame seeds..The sesame seeds infused gave the cookies some nutty flavor which is interesting ..With or without sesame seeds this recipe is still a keeper!!


250 gm rice flour

200 gm corn flour

7 large eggs

500 gm sugar

1 can of coconut milk (400 gm)

1 cup sesame seeds

2 liter or more oil for frying


1.Combine eggs and sugar in a mixer.Sift corn flour and rice flour,set aside in a bowl .Whisk sugar and eggs at medium high speed until dissolves and fluffy light.Add in coconut milk.

2. Slowly pour in flour mixture into the eggs mixture by reduce the speed.Whisk all ingredients until well combined or to obtain a consistent batter. If there is some lump,use sieve. Pour batter into 2 different bowl or container.One small for constant dipping the hot mould into the flour mixture.Another one for sesame seeds.

3. Heat oil in a wok or deep fryer at 350 F.(Do not use non stick pot) Preheat moulds in the hot oil for 5-10 minutes. When the oil is hot enough, dip mould into batter,do not cover batter to the top. Make sure batter coats only the bottom and sides of mould.

4. Hold coated mould in hot oil. (Do not let go the mould to sit on the bottom of fryer while the batter is still attached on the mould)Keep shaking the mould to release honeycomb cookies from moulds. If needed, use chopsticks to help . Fry the cookies until lightly golden brown on both side.

5. Place the empty mould back into the hot oil.Use the next mould that been sitting in the hot oil to dip into the batter.(Do not use the just release mould to dip into the batter again.The batter won't stick onto the mould bcos it's not hot enough)

6:Each time before dipping the mould into the batter or pour the batter into the small bowl use a spatula to stir the batter first to get a consist or well balance batter.Use a long sieve to remove the excess crumb from oil if it's dark or overcrowded the fryer.It's also prevent the floating crumbs to stick to the cookies. For sesame seeds,pour sesame seeds into the second half batter.Keep stirring the batter before dip the mould in the batter.

7:Prepare clean paper towel on 2 large tray.Place cookies on it to absorb the excess oil.Leave cookies to cool completely before store in air-tight container.

all prepared ingredients

eggs and sugar in mixer

heating up the mould in the hot oil
the batter is really to use.
freshly fried honeycomb cookies on a tray


I'm submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favorite CNY Cookies host by
j3sskitch3n ..Happy Baking and Happy Chinese New Year!!


Charmaine said...

I miss this cookie...haven't had it for years...wish I was your neighbour Lesley, then we can celebrate very 'lau juak' for CNY.

H said...
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H said...

They look so lovely. You could even sale it, it so professional. I wish I was your neighbour or make some with you, lol. You are right, it's so expensive in Manhattan for a few pieces. I'm so ''jealous'' (lol!)those who had the mold to make this and all the beautiful pineapple tart i saw in many blogs.

Happy Chinese NY in 2 weeks.


Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

Wow, these are a work of art. I have never had nor seen honeycomb cookies. I wish I had these molds available because I would love to try these. You did a wonderful job describing with not only words but pictures on how to use the molds to make the cookies.

mycookinghut said...

I miss this... espcially with sesame punya....

pigpigscorner said...

ooo that's how it's made! so pretty!

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh yes!! I wish you are my neighbour too,then we can have party all the time!! haha!did you make this cookies? I bet many Malaysian in Down under going to celebrate CNY there..

Thank you for your kind words..yea..maybe I should sell it like what they been selling in Malaysia restaurant in NYC ☺.oh!! Me wise thinking only...I heard a aunty who live in Queens make all the cookies and supply to all the restaurants..The Msian restaurant take % or $1 or 2 from the sale of each box.
Where do you live in NYC? if you live in Queens,when I'm there to do my marketing I can give you some to enjoy..do email me☺

Thank you dear for your kinds word ☺ I think beside Asian who use this honeycomb mould,french or Italian also make this cookies too..

ahaha!! come here.I have plenty for you dear☺

thank you ☺

H said...

Thanks L for the offers. I guess I will be only able to dream of your cookie in my dream and not eating it, lol. Unfortunately, I live in Canada but I had family in Brooklyn. Do you know a place in NY when a can find pineapple mold and other baking supplies. I saw one on e-bay but the price is not cheap 6$ + 3$ shipping.


mycookinghut said...

I really miss this CNY biscuits... dunno how long tak makan liao...

Anonymous said...

I tried this recipe but when i put it down to fry, the batter "burst" out in the oil.. What did i do wrong?

Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon your blog while looking for dumpling recipes. these cookies are BEAUTIFUL!!!
i tried looking for the mold - but can't seem to find it online. at least... not one with a stem. have you seen any in the states?

i live in queens. which restaurant does the aunty sell the cookies to? in flusing and elmhurst? i want to try some... and eventually make some.

please email me at stardusx@gmail.com.

brenda said...


I would love to try one of these day. Hopefully, in the near future. My questions is.
Can we color these?
If so, what kind, brand, water base, oil, powder, etc. color extract

Thanks for sharing

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