Monday, January 24, 2011

Nian Gao wt Palm Sugar/ Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake / Kuih Bakul

As usual I can only afford to make short-cut method nian gao/kuih bakul which is steamed in shorter time and easy to make.But this time I added palm sugar with the regular white sugar to get cocnut flavor nian gao.I guarantee ,it's 100% nian gao,trust me,it's editable and presentable.Maybe it's not as favorable as the traditional one which they steamed for more than 10 hours..but beggar can't be choosy right?
The only problem I had is the surface of nian gao is not smooth after steamed look so wrinkle..Why? wondering what happened? check out my first posting HERE!!


600 gm sugar

600 ml water

600 gm glutinous rice flour (sifted)

300 gm palm sugar


1: Dissolve 300 gm sugar in a dry pot over low heat till it caramelizes.( Do not stir)add 300 ml of water and mix well.

2: Add the remaining sugar,palm sugar into the mixture,stir constantly till the sugar dissolves.Set aside to cool completely. Prepare large pot or steamer with water for steaming at high heat.

3:Combine glutinous rice flour and the remaining water.Add caramel on glutinous rice flour mixture together in a large bowl to incorporate until smooth.Whisk the mixture if possible.If it's too dry add in extra 50 ml water.Sieve the mixture ,to remove lump and bubble build up.

4: Pour batter into cups to 3/4 full.( Do not fill to the rim as the batter might overflow when steaming)

5:Place aluminium baking dish on a steamer when water has boiled.Steam over high heat for 30 minutes .Then reduce heat to medium and steam for another 30 minutes. Increase time for steaming if the container is bigger.

Yield 5 small 7 inch aluminium baking dish
ready for steaming
steamed in steamer
not really bad
did any one a better way to steam shortcut nian gao? please share...


sandrine said...

Hi Leslie,
trying to make your original nian gao, when trying to carmelize the sugar, it keep burning, even though top layer still has sugar which haven't melted yet. I am using a pot like yours in the picture, should I use sauce pan instead?

Please help. Tried making 3 times already.. :(


My Asian Kitchen said...

how about keep stirring the sugar at low flame? did you try this method? Hmmm...I'm using Hard Anodized pot..but you still can use regular pot....when the color of the sugar turn carmelize then add in water..good luck!! let me how you doing..

Maameemoomoo said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Would love to make this next year as mil loves nian gao! Never knew the ingredients are so few!

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