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Pineapple Tart Filling (Step to Step)

Chinese New Year is around the corner.It's time we start making CNY's cookies and cake,right? Well,living outside Chinese community or other then Asia countries we Chinese have plenty of disadvantage in term of celebration .First of all, all the school system in US and A or federal or state or city level doesn't recognize Chinese New Year is a public holiday.Secondly,if we don't live in Chinese speaking community like Chinatown ,we don't feel like Chinese New Year at all even it's Chinese New Year!! You may wonder why,right? For example,my neighbourhood are predominately white or etc but none Chinese at all!! Some of them don't even know when or how Chinese celebrate their new year..Yea..that sad,right? The worst part is this year Chinese New Year fall on weekday,that mean my Mishu have to go to school.If not we can go to Chinatown in NYC to celebrate by watching lion dance,eating meaningful Chinese dinner and shopping for CNY goodies!
As usual I don't make lots of Chinese New Year cookies for myself..The reason why I make CNY's cookies is for me to bring as gift when visiting friends before or during Chinese New Year.I think friends will appreciated my own hand make cookies then the ready make from supermarket shelf,right? Anyway,yesterday I started work on my 1st Chinese New Year goodies or cookies.That is Pineapple Tart filling!! This is my 3 times making Pineapple Tart for CNY. Here is the 1st and 2nd time post !!Below are the step to step photos...Let me post all the pictures to explain the simple process bcos picture speak thousand words,right?
bought 2 fresh medium size ripe pineapple to make the filling..too bad I can't find a bigger size pineapple .If you can't find fresh pineapple or refuse to cut this bitchy fruit,Canned pineapple is OK..

Then removed the stump both end top and bottom,follow by the spiky skin.Make sure all the green are removed.Cut each pineapple into 4 sections before remove all the brown "eyes"..If you don't understand ,please refer to my video below

my video instruction is slightly different from what I wrote here bcos this video is an old vid, anyway cut the fruit into 4 sections first for easy cutting..enjoy and have fun!

then cut the core,discard
this fresh pineapple is so sweet!! wish I bought extra to eat as it's!!
cut the clean pineapple into chunk for easy blend in food processor

Blend or pulse all the pineapple chunk until fine,then pour into medium large stock pot to cook .Add in sugar.

Use medium heat to simmer for 1 hour until thick and googy..Then add in 2 drops of pineapple essence before shut off the heat.Let's cool completely before pack into a container.My recipe is really simple and easy..I opt out to add in star anise or cinnamon stick.


2 medium size ripe pineapple

2 cups granulated sugar *if you use rough sugar maybe you can reduce the amount*
2 drop of pineapple essence


Pineapple tart filling must make days before shaping the tart or dough.
*If the filling is too watery,microwave for 5 minutes or so.You can see the color change to deep yellowish.


ICook4Fun said...

I too just done my pineapple filling yesterday. I usually strain out the juice so I can cook the pineapple faster. Since the CNY falls on weekdays I am sure they will hold the lion dance and parade on weekend. It is like that here. Not sure about NY. You are right. There is no 'hei fun' at all that is why I am not in the mood to bake anything. My sister still asked me if I want to come home and I am so tempted to do it :( :(

Beachlover said...

I didn't strain the juice first,I taruh the whole thing in the pot for cooking..If the filling is too wet,maybe I will microwave for few minutes first..I'm going to make the dough today..btw,usually on the 1st day of CNY in NYC,the lion group will go from shop to shop to dance to get angpow ,then on the 7th of CNY,they will dance again.I think Chinatown in NYc doesn't care it's weekend or day bcos this ppls are in their own world..
oh!! you want to go back..i think you should!! I saw SIA on promotion ,It's so cheap!!! less then $1300 including all taxes and fee!! flying out from JFK to KL!!hurry to book if you're going on CNY if not you can go later the promotion ended on 9th June..if Mishu don't have to go to school,I will sure go back again!!

Rick Rofihe said...

THIS id what I'll be making for Chinese New Year! Thanks so much.

Charmaine said...

It seems like we have the same idea now that CNY is around the corner. I just made my pineapple jam yesterday, ready to make the tarts next weekend. There will be some celebrations in Sydney for CNY - parade in the city and also lion dances at restaurants. It's also the 1st week of the new school year here in Oz, so we'll be busy.

Ivy said...

Hi! I'm a Msian living in Lyon, France. I understand exactly how u feel, here it's not a public hol of course, no one really knows what is CNY, wiith school I can't return to Msia to celebrate CNY. Absolutely no "hei fun", so sad, especially for my boys, they never experienced a real CNY with all the firecrackers, reunion dinner, cookies, yee sang etc. I still give them angpaus,tho'. I always bring back some fm Msia. Happy baking!! I'll do my pineapple jam soon,too.

Fuji said...

You are the best mommy to go to the trouble to keep all these traditions alive. CNY is not a big holiday in the west, but at least you can make it a small family celebration so your beautiful little girl will grow up with wonderful food and memories!

Claire said...

I tried to email you at the email address over to the left -
It came back that there was no such email....I had a question about where to get some ingredients (kiffir lime leaves)on Long Island

noobcook said...

it's a lot of hard work making it from scratch but its definitely worth it! when I was young, I helped my family to make it, really hard work. nowadays a lot of ppl uses pre-made filling :p

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping BY:) Hope you like it ☺

oh yes...I think all Chinese ah soh will make cookies now! haha!! wow!! bila I sudah jadi ah soh!! never long as our heart feel it's CNY,then we just celebrate by ourself even it's not "yit lau"..Must hop over to see your pineapple tarts,curi your kungfu!! ahah!.

Thank you for dropping by:) wow!! you still give angpau in France? that very nice..Yes in NY CNY is quite grand if you live in the city or Chinatown..If you step in Chinatown you will feel the "hei fun" there ..All the shop or restaurant will never close on no worried, eat all you want..the different is authenic chinese restaurant will be more too happy baking!!

sorry and thank you,you to inform me about the email..I wrote it down's should ne beachlover 1917@,to answer your question,the kaffir lime plant was bought by a friend who live in Chicago.She send to me.I can't find any kaffir lime plant in LI nursery..

you're right!! I saw many ppls in Msia and Singapore use premade pineapple filling bcos it's sold everywhere in those country..but here if we can find the right ingredients to make CNY then we are bless...wish I stay in Singapore or Msia ...then I don't have to make cookies at all,just order the one ready make ☺ My family used to make their own cookies but this day they just buy from someone who just sell CNY cookies during good eh?

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh I re-read your question...I thought you ask about the plant...oh!! for the kaffir lime leaves I bought at Asian store at Queens...sometimes I bought in Elmhurst..the store didn't carry the leaves all the time..if the leaves sold off they have to wait for the next shippment..Hope I answer your question..Pls email me, since you live in LI maybe I can spare you some leaves since I have the plant..

Unknown said...

Try going to a vietnamese to buy the dried

kaffir lime leaves. annabe

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

You've posted some great advice, I'm gonna try it out with my pineapples.

Anonymous said...

How do we preserve/prolong the pineapple filling/tarts to at least 3 months?

Anonymous said...

I bought my pineapple filling from Singapore - ready made.

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