Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rousong (Pork Floss)肉酥

What do you do with the lean pork in bone after soup was boiled or eaten? For me,I don't throw it away or eat it with the soup but I do pack it up and freeze it ..I like to use lean pork in bone for boiling soup.This kind of lean pork in bone is better for soup boiling then ribs or ribs bone which is very rich in fats and oily..Couple days ago I make another pot of lotus soup...So far I have 2 bags of lean pork in bone in freezer.Since the lean pork has been sitting awhile in freeze I better make use of it..I remove all the bone and wash the soup flavor away before toss in wok to stir-fry it at low flame until's a short cut way to make pork floss..I used to buy the ready make pork floss from Asian Mart but I notice the price for good quality pork floss can be very expensive.Usually they are made in Taiwan or China.Since I have leftover lean pork or maybe I should called by-product pork,why not use it to make pork floss,right? I love the taste and texture of floss meat!! I like to eat pork floss with bread or congee!! it's Priceless!!


5 lbs lean pork in bone,thawed,bone removed and washed
1/4 cup soy sauce or to taste
2 tbsp ground white pepper
1 cup sugar or to taste

1:Heat large wok or 12-14 inch skillet at medium low flame.Toss cooked lean pork into the wok or skillet.Keep stirring the pork with spatula until the meat loose and fluffy,about 30 minutes or more.
2:Add in soy sauce,sugar and pepper powder into the meat.Keep stirring until it's well combine and the color turn out lightly golden brown..(Beware it's might get burn at the bottom once seasoning added,keep stirring until the bottom of the skillet)
3:Check the seasoning..Remove from heat and cool completely before store in clean air tight container.Serve as it's or with bread or rice or porridge..


dinewithleny said...

What a great idea! I always love pork floss too. And same as your family, my family doesn't eat the pork in soup as well, we always end up throwing them away. Now I have a handy recipe to use my left over soup pork. Can't wait to try this out with my next batch of soup. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Pete said...

Great way to use leftover meat! Thanks

Wendy said...

Wondering if you can do the same to make chicken floss?

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you ☺ and hope you like it..let me know how you do it.

Thank you ☺

Yes!! you can do that with chicken too!!

Dawn said...

I can't wait to try this out, too. My favorite is eating it with bread, especially the white bread for kaya toast :)

macedonianrecipes said...

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Little Corner of Mine said...

Very hard working ya. Are you preparing for CNY already?

mycookinghut said...

Fantastic! I love pork floss but have never made it!

MaryMoh said...

I like homemade floss. I sometimes do that too. I remember during my confinement month, there was so much chicken meat left over my mother-in-law turned them all into chicken floss. The flavour was just so and spices....mmmm. We gave bottles away to other family members and they were so thankful to us :D

My Asian Kitchen said...

if you make soup save the meat..if not just buy some lean meat to make this but must boil the meat first until tender..oh yes!! this floss is CNY goodies right?

Thank you for dropping by:) sure I will visit your blog soon!!

LCOM:,,where got hard working??? sometimes got mood,try to make this and that...oh yea..talking about CNY it's about the corner..I dunno,but if I make CNY cookies,I will make some nian gao or kuih ros aka bee hives cake for some friends....there is nothing much to prepare,maybe just deco home for Mishu to see..At least she know we also celebrate CNY..I bought few bags of CNY deco from Malaysia,so it's should be good..

Thank you:) yes if you always make soup,save the meat!!

I remember someone told me that floss from store is not really safe,we have no idea what type of the animal part it's..but we still love the store bought one bcos it's easy and delicious!.If I live in Asia now I'm sure not going to make floss myself but too bad the floss they sold here is very very expensive!! Chinatown in Manhattan there are few Malaysia Jerky store owned by Malaysian..I bought once or twice,it's taste OK but the price is really superb expensive!! a friend told me making jerky at home is easy but I yet to try...

Jean - Culinary Topics said...

Great recipe.
Look yummy.
I'll try it very soon.

Ken said...

You seem to have chosen the wrong Chinese character. What you have is ròu sū.

Rousong is 肉松 (Simplified) or 肉鬆(Traditional)

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