Friday, January 21, 2011

Shrimp and Tofu Soup

The weather at the east coast is getting crazier everyday!! Last week we just had snow storm and this morning we have another 4 inches of snow..This evening the weather forecaster said we are going to get another snow fall this coming Tuesday.Since the weather is freezing cold,I cooked some soup for myself at lunch..Nothing elaborated,just used shrimp flavor bouillon as the soup base ,chopped in some napa,add in head attached shrimp before toss in silky tofu..There you go...A welcome sight seeing a bowl of hot pipping soup mixed with steamed white rice served as lunch in a cold snowy day.It's really a nice comfort food for us who are dealing with freezing cold weather... Love the soft silkily tofu texture and shrimp in this soup..

2 liters of water
2 cubes shrimp or chicken bouillon
6-8 leaves of Napa,washed and cut
15 head attached shrimp,trim and washed
1 box soft silkily tofu,cut 6-8 pieces
salt and ground white pepper powder to taste
handful cut scallion
1:Bring water to boil in a medium small size stock pot at high heat.Add in shrimp bouillon stock.When soup base bubbly boil,add in napa and clean shrimp.
2:Cook for another 10 minutes before add in cut tofu ,salt and pepper powder..Check the seasoning.Remove soup from heat.Dish out ,sprinkle with scallion before serve hot with rice..


Kimberly Peterson said...

I love summer in Australia but I also love "soup season" aka winter and cold nights when I can enjoy a hearty bowl of soup such as this!! Looks sooo comforting :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

For us, there is only one season and I just love all kinds of soup. This bowl of soup feeds my soul!

Little Inbox said...

This is really comforting on a cold weather days.

daphne said...

ahhh... Tofu is certainly a good base for this prawn soup as well. Sweet and tasty! oh and healthy too.

tigerfish said...

I made something similar - combining both tofu and shrimps in the same dish!

MaryMoh said... this soup...a healthy soup! I'm sure I will have more than one bowl :D

Food For Tots said...

This comforting soup feeds my soul well be it in cold or hot weather. Who can resist such juicy big shrimps? Not me, definitely. Hehehe! ;)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you:)I love Australia weather don't have any snow at all.not too cold and not too
hot,that the best weather anyone can ask!!

Quay po:
Thank you for dropping by:) wish to see you again..Yea I know what you mean by one season...haha!! now that 1 season is too hot for me!

little inbox:
Thank you:)

yes it's healthy,no grease or meat at all!!

welcome to our soup club! haha!

you're sure welcome!!

food for tots:
yes our weather is frezzzing cold,this morning we are at 5 F...that is -15C...hmmm maybe I should make another spicy comfort soup tomorrow!!

tofu said...

Very simple recipe and it also looks delicious. Great idea to add the tofu.

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