Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicken and Shrimp Corn Egg Soup

Egg drop soup or egg flower soup 蛋花湯 is a popular American-Chinese soup that serve in many Chinese restaurant or take-out restaurant in the States.Since hubby like this Americanize soup,I will cook this soup for him but I have to tweaked the ingredients slightly to suit my strong Chinese taste instead of the infamous plain and bland egg drop soup !! As usual I like to add chicken meat or seafood into any of my cooking and this soup is not exception!! It's have tasty corn flavor and on top of that it's has yummy-delicious eggy aroma!!

3 liter water or chicken broth
1 cube chicken bouillon or 2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder * (do not have to add this if use chicken broth or soup)*
1 can creamy sweet corn(15 oz)
1 tbsp ground white pepper powder
1 piece boneless chicken breast,cut small cubes,250 gm +1 tbsp corn starch
10 medium shrimp,shelled and deveined
4 large eggs,beaten
4 tbsp corn flour + 4 tbsp water(corn starch mixture)
salt to taste
handful cut scallion

1:Prepare medium small stock pot at high heat with water or chicken stock.Bring broth or water to boil,add in chicken bouillon powder,chicken mixture and creamy corn.

2:Reduce heat to medium,boil for another 5 minutes before slowly add in corn starch mixture.Keep stirring with ladle while pouring to keep the corn starch from forming gluey block or pieces.When the soup become smooth thicken,add in eggs,keep stirring the eggs with ladle until it's look like flowers.Add in pepper powder,shrimp and salt to taste..

3:Boil for another 5 minutes before remove from heat.Scoop the soup to individual bowl,sprinkle with cut scallion before serve warm or hot.


Nasifriet said...

Mmmmm....nice and tasty soup. Will be a hit with my boys! Thanks for posting.

Marlene Detierro said...

This looks quite tasty and something I know that I would enjoy! I'm sure my family would enjoy it as well but I totally want to make it just so I can try it for myself, lol!

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