Sunday, March 27, 2011

Steamed Tilapia Fish with Tauchu Minced Meat

One of my favorite fish I like to get at Asian market is whole tilapia .I like the satisfied feeling of eating fish whole with head and bone attached rather than boneless fish..My 6 year old daughter Mishu share the same idea with me.Actually Mishu is braver than her dad who refused to eat chicken or fish with bone or head attached..For Western people eating whole fish with head and bone attached is a "no,no"!! They are never train to eat whole fish or meat with bone or head attached when they are growing up...I guess it's a culture different and for safety reason.Anyway, both of us,mother and daughter really enjoy this scrumptious and luscious steamed tilapia with meat sauce..We both ate the whole fish until the head left!! What a lip-smacking dinner for both of us!!


1 whole tilapia,about 2 lbs clean out the stomach cavity, remove the gills and surrounding tissue, and scale .Leave head attached and use a sharp knife to slit deep into the middle or request fishmonger to clean it for you

2 inch old ginger,peeled and julienne
2 tbsp minced garlic
2 shallot,peeled and sliced
2-3 tbsp oil
200 gm minced meat(pork or beef or chicken)
1 tbsp taucu(fermented ground bean paste)
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
4-5 tbsp water
1 red chili pepper,sliced handful cut scallion


1:Prepare the clean fish on a large stainless plate that will fit into a steamer.Spread julianne ginger all over the whole fish.Prepare steamer with water at high heat.When water rolling boil,place the whole fish onto the steamer rack.Cover tight with lid.

2:Steam fish for 15-20 minutes.Meanwhile,heat skillet or pan with oil.Add in sliced shallot and minced garlic ,fry until fragrant or lightly brown before add in minced meat and tauchu(fermented ground bean paste).Saute for 5 minutes ,add in water,soy sauce and sugar,mix well.Check the seasoning before remove from heat.

3:Careful remove steamed fish from steamer,move fish to another plate or leave fish as it's..Pour the meat mixture on top of the fish.Sprinkle sliced red pepper and cut scallion on the fish

4:Serve steamed fish warm or hot with rice as main dish immediately..


gertrude said...

I like to cook fish this way too but hardly make this since Carlos don't eat this type of dish. You know lah he is just like your hubby. Too many bones, got head and tail ha ha..

MaryMoh said...

Mmmm....delicious. I have not eaten steamed fish for a long time. I usually bake it. Time to do some steaming.

Dawn said...

The meat sauce is so appetising. Must try this for this Friday's fish dinner with fillets. My hubby also like your hubby don't like the whole fish on the platter.

pigpigscorner said...

oh my, the sauce looks and sounds amazing!

My Asian Kitchen said...

I know Carlos and Eliot both have the same fear of eating fish with head and bone..Guess it's typical American...I still have whole flounder in freeze...must cook soon!!

Thank you:)Try this style,it's not bad at all..I think steamed fish is faster than bake ,right? I purposely bought a large steamer to steam fish and cook others dishes..B4 I bought steamer I used microwave to steam fish..

Thank you :) must try this dish!! if you don't have Yuen Chuan ground bean paste just use LKK one!!I bet you will lickin your finger until last drop!!

Thank you:)

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