Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fried Whole Chicken with Five Spices Powder五香粉

I recalled I tasted a yummy-delicious whole fried chicken "Malaysia Style" from a local Malaysia restaurant in Queens many years ago..Too bad the last time when I was there for dinner ,I requested the whole fried chicken but the server told me they don't have this chicken in their menu anymore..What a shame!! Anyway,I tried to re-create "Malaysia style" whole fried chicken at home and the end result turn out pretty good,I can said!! This whole chicken is not only simple and easy to prepare and cook but the meat really taste succulent and yummy!!


1 whole chicken,cleaned and removed all the cavities,set aside about 3-4 lbs
2 tbsp five spices powder 五香粉
2 tbsp sea salt or any salt
2-3 cups canola oil for frying


1:Combine five spices powder and seasalt together in a small bowl.Pat dry the whole chicken with paper towel,then rub five spices mixture all over the chicken inside out.Wrap up with aluminum foil and store in fridge overnight for the flavor to steep in.

2:Remove whole chicken from fridge 30 minutes before frying.Heat oil at medium heat in deep medium fryer at 350 F.Slowly place the chicken in the hot oil to cook for 30 minutes each side if the oil didn't submerge fully cover over the chicken.Then turn the chicken again to fry on the other side for another 30 minutes.If frying the breast side,maybe you need to add another 15 minutes.

3:Removed fried whole chicken from fryer to a large plate to cool ..about 15 minutes before cut and serve warm with soy sauce or chili sauce.


Tricia said...

Hmmm...looks really yummy!!! Wonder if it would work with rottisserie??

Rose world said...

I like it! Yummy.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love this! Must be flavorful and crispy!

mycookinghut said...

wahh.. the chicken looks good!!

ICook4Fun said...

This type of chicken reminds me of 'kai fun' from the hawker stall where the fried the chicken this way. Crispy skin and very flavorful.

daphne said...

oh man. It's a childhood classic!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping by ☺ ..yes you can use oven or grill to cook it ..

Thank you dear ☺

Thank you..yes it's

thank you ☺

Yes!!! this kind of chicken use for "kai fun" at hawker stall.remember when we was at "Hor Mei" restaurant in Elmhurst,I requested for fried whole chicken and the server told us they didn't sell it anymore..I think they change owner as well as menu..too bad..if not you can taste their fried whole chicken too..

Yes!! the famous hawker stall chic rice chicken!!

Shu Han said...

I think five spice rally adds depth and flavour to roast chicken too! love it!

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