Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spicy Creamy Coconut Shrimp

I love shrimp!! period!!I think everyone like to eat shrimp unless if he or she have allergy to those shellfish.One of the simple and easy way for me to cook head-on and shell-on shrimp is in spicy sambal paste..If you don't have homemade sambal paste,you can always use pre-packed spicy shrimp paste or chili sauce a.k.a sambal olek..These days most all Asian market do carry variety brands of spicy paste imported directly from Malaysia,Indonesia,Taiwan or Thailand..For me, I still like my own homemade spicy shrimp paste...because it's really taste spicy and have flavorful pungent taste!! Shrimp is the best choice to cook with this spicy paste!! Scrumptious, piquant, hot, fiery and delicious!!

Ingredients: 1 lb medium shrimp with headon and shell on,snipe half of the head and wash 2 tbsp sambal tumis 200-250ml coconut milk 1 tbsp sugar 1 cube shrimp bouillon 1 tbsp fish oil 1 tbsp oil
1 large Bombay onion,peeled and sliced Method: 1:Heat deep skillet with some oil and sambal tumis at medium heat for 30 seconds.Then add in coconut milk,fish sauce, shrimp bouillon and sugar,mix well. 2:When the gravy is bubbly boil,add in shrimp and onion,cook for 10 minutes.Check the seasoning. 3:Dish out and serve warm with steamed white rice.


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