Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Mom's Claypot Chicken Rice

Usually over the weekend we just eat outside the house or order "take away" but one Saturday my mom decided to cook a "claypot chicken rice" for the family since she bought a whole "kampung"(village) chicken.I was told "kampung" chicken or "free range" chicken taste better because the rearing time is longer and the price is pricey compare with regular chicken.A whole kampung chicken can cost up to RM 30 easily.The meat for kampung chicken is more tougher and flavorful compare with regular breeding chicken.I would love to share with you my mom easy cooking claypot chicken!! Enjoy!!

1 whole chicken,cut small
3 tbsp soy sauce or to taste
1 tbsp thick soy sauce(caramel sauce)
1-2 tbsp oyster sauce
3 inches ginger,cut and pounded to extract juice(save ginger waste and fried)
2-3 shallot,peeled and pounded to extract juice(save shallot waste and fried

*marinate above seasoning with chicken for couple of hours or overnight*
2 cups jasmine rice,soaked 2-3 hours
1-2 tbsp soy sauce or to taste
1 tbsp thick soy sauce
1 tbsp ground white pepper powder
few pandan leaves(screwpine leave)
2 Chinese sausages,remove the skin ,sliced and pan-fried
2 sliced thick premium salted mackerel,pan-fried
cooking oil
sesame oil
handful cut scallion for garnishing

1:Cut chicken and marinate for few hours or overnight in fridge(A)
2:Wash and rinse jasmine rice few times before soaked for few hours.Marinated(B) with seasoning for 1 to 2 hours.Prepare steamer or large wok at high heat.Steam marinated rice with screwpine leaves in steamer or wok with water at high heat for 30 minutes or until 60% cooked.
3:Meanwhile remove Chinese sausage skin ,sliced and panfried,set aside.Fried ginger and shallot extracted,set aside.
4:Add in marinated chicken and salted fisj into the half cooked rice and steam for another 20 minutes or until completely cooked.
5:Scoop cooked chicken rice into claypot .Sprinkle some (C) fried Chinese sausage,fried ginger and cut scallion on the top.Heat claypot at low heat for 5 minutes.Remove claypot from heat,drizzling with sesame oil and serve hot.(if you don't have claypot just omit the claypot step)

fried pounded ginger and shallot.....fried Chinese sausage

marinated chicken with salted fish
steamed marinated rice
with screwpine leaves

steamed chicken with rice(omit claypot step if you don't have claypot)
ready to serve

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pork-In Bone with Shark fin Melon Soup

Last weekend we was in Cameron Highland for my 1st visit.We saw plenty of strawberry,vegetables ,flower and tea plantation.My mom bought plenty of flowers and strawberry since she is a flower and fruit lover.She also bought a shark fin melon or Spaghetti Squash (Cucurbita Ficifolia).This type of melon is really special and have plenty of health benefit.It's look like glass noodles when cooked.I really enjoy having this comfort soup especially cooked by my mom.If you have never try this type of melon,you should try once,it's really delicious!! The best way to make this melon is to cook as soup!


1 Cucurbita Ficifolia or shark fin melon,about 2 kg ,removed skin,seeds and cut into 8 pieces
2 large pieces pork-in bone,blanched with hot water to remove excess fats and greased
6-8 pieces salted radish,washed
2 liter water or more
1 tbsp white pepper,crushed
salted to taste

1:Wash blanched pork-in bone with cold water.Prepare medium stock pot with water at high heat.When water rolling boil add in pork in bone and salted radish,reduce heat to medium.
2:Cover the stock pot with a lid,simmer the stock for 45 minutes or longer before add in crushed white pepper and cut melon.
3:Let's the melon boil for another 30 minutes before add in salt to taste.Do not over boil the melon,it's will disintegrated .Remove soup from heat and serve warm.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Mom's Steamed Huat Kuih/Fatt Koh

Every 1st and 15th day of Lunar calender my mom will offer huat kuih and fruits to our ancestor and god on the prayer alter.These days my mom make her own huat kuih instead of buying from market.As promised ,I brought few Wilton's food coloring for my mom to make her huat kuih.Since I'm free and idling,I offered to help my mom making huat kuih by scooping and steaming.That is all I can help since my mom prepare all the huat kuih ingredients early in morning.Did you see the different between the pink and orange color huat kuih? Well,the different is the pink color was made by your truly yours and the orange color huat kuih made by my mom.Of course,the orange color huat kuih look pretty and huge compared with the pink color huat kuih.
The only complained my mom make about the pink huat kuih was the steamed cake is not really blooming(huat)tall and big as she likes.She said I should fill the batter fully to the top,then the huat kuih will look great!!Well,I'm stingy! lol! So the next lunar calender my mom make her huat kuih without my help!!

200 gm cold cooked rice(overnight cooked rice)
1 piece tapai ragi
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp water

300 gm sugar,mixed with 4 cups (32 oz) water,boiled to dissolve sugar syrup,cooled
600 gm rice flour

2 tsp ENO( fruit salt)
2 tsp double action baking powder
food coloring


1:Combine (A) in a clean glass container and cover with clean cloth.Keep aside and leave to ferment for 48 hours/2 days.

2:Pour fermented ingredients (A) into a blender,add 1/2 amount of sugar syrup and blend until smooth.Mix in rice flour and the remaining 1/2 amount of sugar syrup into the mixture.

3:Strain into a clean container,cover with clean cloth and leave to ferment for another 8-9 hours.

4:Add (C) except coloring if you intend to make more than one color into a mixing bowl,add fermented rice flour mixture and stir well.Then use different bowl to mix each coloring before pour into mould for steaming.

5:Pour mixture into small cups and moulds until full.Steam at high heat for about 15-20 minutes or until cooked.

6:Remove cups and leave it cool before serve.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Mom's Mango Kerabu with Torch Ginger Bud(Mango Salad)

Yes!! I arrived at my mom's home in Kuala Lumpur last week.I been very busy running around doing my errands and eating non-stop!! Don't worried,no matter how busy am I ,I will still
remember to update my blog from time to time.My mom save some mango from her own mango trees to make mango salad for me.This mango salad is really fragrant of torch ginger flower which is really delicious!!


3 raw apple mangoes,peeled and shredded
1 large onion,peeled and sliced thin
1 bud bunga kantan ( torch ginger flower)sliced thin
1 tbsp sugar
salt to taste
4-5 chilipadi(Thai's chili ) sliced
3-4 tbsp fried anchovies(crushed fine)

1:Combine all the ingredients together except fried anchovies in a large container,mix well.Dish out in an individual plate before sprinkle with fried anchovies.
2:Serve as appetizer .

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