Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Mom's Spicy Char Kuey Teow(Flat Rice Noodle)

As I mentioned before,I still have plenty of my mom best home cooking post with me..I didn't managed to post all of it during my stay over there due to several reason:Busy enjoying my vacation,eating,shopping and lastly the Internet connection was sucked!! Enough said!!
One thing about my mom cooking skill that I admired is..she will goes to the length ,I mean extra route or extra work to make her dishes taste great!! I should said ...fantastic!! She said when you stir-fry Char Kuey Teow ,you should cook each portion individually if not the char kuey teow doesn't said good....that right!! I think by cooking CKT individually,you can really have the dish taste delicious that full with "wok hei"!!( high heat for fragrance)


1 kg fresh kuey teow (make 4 portions)
1/2 kg bean sprout(mung bean)washed
4 eggs
2 Chinese sausage,remove casting and sliced
1 pack or 1/2 kg fish cake,sliced
20-30 medium shrimp,shell removed and clean
500 gm lean meat,sliced (pork or chicken)
1 head iceberg lettuce or any green vegetable,clean and cut small
2 bulbs garlic,peeled and minced
1 cup cooking oil
chili boh(chili paste)
ground white pepper

Seasoning Mixed:(mix well all ingredients in a bowl)

2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
2 tbsp caramel sauce(thick soy sauce)
4 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce

cut fresh Thais chili or red chili in soy sauce on side (optional)

Method:(Divide char kuey teow into 4 plate for each portion)
Make 1 portion

1:Heat wok or skillet at high heat.Add in 2 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp garlic,fry for 30 second before add in few sliced meat,fish cake,Chinese sausage and shrimp.Use spatula to fry the ingredients for 1 minute before toss in kuey teow,lettuce,chili boh(paste) and 2 tbsp mixed seasoning,mix well with long chop stick.(Reason: fragile kuey teow won't mashed)

2:Remove all the ingredients to a side.Add 1 tbsp oil in the center,crack egg in the center ,fry for few second before cover with the rest of ingredients.Toss in bean sprout and ground white powder pepper.Check the seasoning.

3:Dish out and serve immediately with side cut chili.Repeat the following portion the same method.


ann low said...

WOW! Your mom is really a good cook. I can never fry a good kuay teow like this, usually need a spoon and not chopsticks... :D

ICook4Fun said...

That is a delicious plate of CKT. Our Mom's cooking are always the best. till today I can't cook bee hoon like my mom :(

Amelia said...

wow, delicious char kuay teow, yum yum. I'm drooling now, LOL

Shu Han said...

great photos of your mum in action! Mum's cooking is the best, definitely. To date, I still haven;t found a better kong bak pau than my mum's ;)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for your compliment:) yes my mom loves to cook too....

Gert: always cook comfort food right? the whole time when I was there ,I just eat and eat..never once make a meal!!

Thank you for your kind words:)

Shu Han:
thank you:) what is kong bak pau if you don't mind me asking?

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