Friday, October 14, 2011

Fried Marinated Rib End in Ginger and Garlic

It's been awhile since I'm back from Malaysia but I still miss my mom home cooking..Well,what to do then ?? Of course, I have to cook all my favorite food myself if I want to eat it,right? These day, I tried to cook the food in small portion. That mean cook daily and not more storage in fridge in big quality.The reason is hubby have to eat certain food for his special diet and we have to cut down Mishu's eating portion after she came back from vacation..That means honeymoon period over!!..The only person in our home is still not "on diet" is ME!! As I always said,eat first worry about diet tomorrow,right?
Watching my mom cooked dinner daily,I must really respect her with her cooking skill and expertise..She can cooked 4-5 dishes daily in an hour period!! No matter what she cook,she must use fresh ingredients or spices..She always used fresh ginger to marinate her's not slice or chop fresh ginger!! she pounded the ginger before extract it's juice to marinate.And now I learn from my mom how to use fresh extract ginger juice to marinate any meat's really taste great!! something different for a change,I said!! Furthermore, ginger is also consider as herb and it's good for body..This dish is really easy to cook...Just dump everything with the meat and marinate overnight..the next day just fried or bake it..but I prefer fried because it's taste good!! lol!


2 lbs chop rib end or any type of meat...washed and drained

4-5 inch fresh old ginger,washed and chopped before pounded to extract the juice3

1 bulb fresh garlic,peeled and pounded with ginger

1 tbsp salt

2 tbsp sugar2 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp ground white pepper

*marinate above ingredients overnight*

1 cup flour +1/2 rice flour
1 cup oil


1:Heat oil in medium stock pot or fryer at medium heat at 350 F.Remove marinate meat from fridge,coat each meat with flour mixture.

2:Shake excess flour from meat before place into the hot oil.Repeat the same procedure but do not overlapped the meat when frying.

3:Fry until the meat golden brown about 15 minutes..Remove fried meat from fryer into a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

4:Serve warm with dipping chili sauce.


Amelia said...

wow, looks extremely good. I loves this, thanks for sharing.

Shu Han said...

this looks decadently good!! mmm.

Wendy said...

I always wonder what I can do with the oil after frying. It seems so wasteful to discard it after one use. Any suggestion?

Sunshine said...

I'm sure when my mom leaves next time I'll miss her cooking too.. How come you put mishu on a diet? Does she eat special food too? For u is easier to get fresher food since NYC china town closer to u right?

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

That looks good. I was albbout to say the only pork ribs I know is 'pai kut wong', marmite pork ribs, and some other variety which normally is covered with either savoury or sweet sauce. This is something new to know that's it's fried with the overnight marinate. Looks good and don't underestimate the look. I'm sure there's lots of ingredients to make it flavourful.

Now, come to think of it. Yes, I remember my mom cooks pork ribs with ginger too with fermented black beans(we call it Tauchu, right?) in it as well. I can only describe how the ready product is when it's served as that's when I normally see it. ;) It's steamed and it's garnished with shredded ginger on top. Tauchu and seasoning, I'm guessing was used to marinate for several hours.

My Asian Kitchen said...

Amelia and Shu Han:
Thank you for your kind words ☺

well,usually I sieve before reuse it for frying if it's not too bad...if the oil from frying anchovies or fish,I will throw away

oh it's nice to have mom cooking right? eat all you want while she still around..ok?
I didn't gave Mishu any special diet..usually she eat what we eat especially my type of food.Just cut down her portion and no binge eating..she lost about 6 pound so far..Yes ,,I can get fresh seafood or fresh perishable from NYC but only visit there once a month..each visit I bought the food for $300 plus and store them in deep freezer..

Thank you for dropping by..Hope you enjoy your time here ☺ I really enjoy cooking,so I will try everything..

mycookinghut said...

This is making me really hungry!

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