Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Mom's Homemade Angku and O-Ku Kuih(Tea Leaves)

My mom make some angku and O-ku(tea leaf) kuih from scratch for her prayer..I helped her made the skin and etc..Unfortunately, I didn't write down the recipe while my mom was making the cake:too busy chatting.Anyway,my mom did packed some dried O-ku leaves(tea leaves) from her garden for me to bring home to States.So for now,I will just post some of the angku and O-ku photos ..Enjoy!!

steamed O-Ku

O-Ku(tea leaves cooked with oil)

angku kuih(steamed red cake)

mung bean filling


Christopher C said...

OMG! My favourite!!

Shu Han said...

nv seen o ku before! i love ang ku kuih!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for your comments guys!☺

Anonymous said...

I have the mung bean flour in my pantry, can I use that for the angku filling? What should I do with it?

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