Monday, October 17, 2011

Roti Bakar (Homemade Coconut Jam with Toast)

One morning I told Mishu that I'm going to make her peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast but she said when she was in Malaysia Ah Ma(her grandma) make her sandwich look like peanut butter,it's taste good but not peanut better.She said it's has brown and yellow color taste sweet and sticky..Then I asked her it's kaya(coconut jam) with margarine but she said she have no idea what it's..I guess my mom spread kaya on bread for her..Then I decided to make some kaya since Mishu gave me an idea what she want to eat at for breakfast..Kaya or coconut jam is a popular local jam typically spread on toast,local delicateness or sweet dessert.This is my 3rd time making kaya but each time I experiment different recipe .This batch of kaya recipe was created by myself..When we mentioned coconut jam we thought this jam must be really hard to make and have lot of work..Actually it's not!! The only downside of this task is the cooking time.Have to keep stirring the ingredients in double boiler for at least an hour.

Ingredients:For Kaya(Coconut Jam)

8 large eggs
1 can premium coconut milk 400 ml
1 1/2 cup sugar ( adjust to your own sweetness)
4-5 sleeve pandan leave(screwpine leaves),washed before tie knot


1:Prepare double boiler with water at medium heat.Whisk all eggs with 1 cup of sugar until frothy.Then pour the eggs mixture in the double boiler,use a hand beater to stir the egg mixture from time to time.Slowly add in coconut milk while stirring..

2:In another small stock pot caramelize the remaining sugar(1/2) at low heat,then pour into the coconut mixture to get a brownish texture.Reduce the heat to low.

3:Keep stirring the mixture(about 5 minutes) for 90 minutes or until the jam thicken and creamy.

4:Remove the jam from heat and let it cool completely before remove the pandan and store in container.Store at room temperature (60-70 F) or can store in fridge after a week.(I believed after storing coconut jam in fridge it's taste different,lost the wonderful coconut fragrant)

5:Spread coconut jam on bread,toast or cracker..


Amelia said...

yum yum, delicious kaya with toast.

ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, I also made some kaya for Diana yesterday. I was in NY. If you like the kaya to be really smooth just put it into the blender and give it a few pulse. It will be very smooth.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this is too good with a cup of Kopi O!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I did it the traditional way before, yup yup had to stand there and stir for an hour or so. :D Now I just make it in the breadmaker. :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you ☺

Lucky Diana!!..she came back from Msia lioa!!.yes previously I do use blender to make it smooth but the problem is the kaya cepat ada water....but this time the kaya look ok even without blender..

yes that is what I ate for my breakfast ☺

That is a good time I better use your idea,save me time stirring and standing..Thanks!☺

dewi said...

hii , ask me for kaya, i made it for sell. hhtp://

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