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Pulut Inti ( Glutinous Rice with Sweet Coconut Pocket )

What is Pulut Inti? Sometimes, I really confused pulut inti with pulut panggan and pulut tekan. Well,Pulut inti is steamed glutinous rice topped with grated sweet coconut. Pulut Inti is another popular Nyonya Kuih that every ethnicity in Malaysia enjoyed!! I loves the local Nyonya kuih especially those make from coconut ingredients.When I was in Malaysia this summer ,I managed to collected some fresh bunga telang (blue pea flowers)with my mom.Later on, my mom even dried all the flowers for me to bring home.At first, I thought pulut inti is hard to make but the true to the matters,pulut inti is so easy and simple to make,not to said we can easily get all the ingredients in any Asian store.


1 cup glutinous rice,wash ,strain and soaked overnight
200 ml coconut milk or lesser
1 tsp salt
4-5 blue pea flowers +4-5 tbsp warm water = blue coloring

Coconut Filling:
1 1/2 cup thawed shredded coconut(previously frozen)
2 pieces palm sugar ( diameter shape or look like saucer)or 1/2 cup loose palm sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar or white regular sugar
1/4 cup water

some clean cut banana leaves for wrapping

Bunga Telang(blue peas flower)

1:Prepare steamer with water at high heat.Place a piece of banana leave on a aluminum plate over glutinous rice,salt and coconut milk.Steam glutinous rice for 15 minutes or until cooked.
2:Meanwhile,prepare a small stock pot with 1/4 cup water at medium heat.Add in palm sugar and brown sugar,dissolved.Add in grated coconut into the palm syrup,cook until the mixture is dry and blend well.Remove,set aside to cool completely.
3:Remove cooked coconut glutinous rice from steamer.Toss blue pea flower dye into the steamed rice,mix well.
4:Softened fresh banana leaves by dipping into warm for few second.Since mine banana leaves was previously frozen ,I skipped this step,just wipe it clean with paper towel.Use scissor to cut banana leaves 4x5 or your desire size.Scoop 1 tbsp steamed glutinous rice on the center,then scoop 1 tsp sweet grated coconut on top the rice.Fold both end of the leaves (horizontal) over the rice,leave the top filling expose.Then fold both end (vertical)downward.
5:Serve as snack or dessert.



WendyinKK said...

Pulut Inti is one of the easiest kuihs to make as it doesn't require much shaping. When I was still teaching, my students did it the express way, rice cooker. LOL.
Did you try to bring in some bunga telang seeds? I think it's also available in US, try searching for Butterfly Pea flower or Blue Clitoria. I saw it for sale online before.

mycookinghut said...

This is my all time favourite!! Looks good!

Sunshine said...

Yummy!!! I honestly wish that I live closer to you than I get to eat all the yummy food u make!! Le sigh! Does mishu like to eat Kuih? Will Elliot eat this?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks good! Yeah this is not hard to make.

Shu Han said...

oh i really like kuehs, but they are often so much trouble to make. i never knew this was so simple. thanks for sharing, I may be making this pretty soon!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I like this kueh too, simple and yummy.
Wishing you a Happy New Year 2012.

petite nyonya said...

Hi hi, 1st of all Happy New Year 2012 to you and yr fmly, esp Mishu! 2ndly, this is a lovely pulut inti! Wonderful nyonya kueh!!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thanks for the idea!! rice cooker!! yes !!my mom do pack some bunga telang seeds for me but I think the plant won't survive at my see I only have 3-4 months the time the plants going to bloom,it's also winter time.. Furthermore I can't bring the plant with vein into the house.I tried to save Mandevilla plants after summer and store in garage but in the end the plants die on me sad..Right now my curry plant is going botak indoor,just pray it's root won't die on me:( maybe if I live down south or west coast I think this kind of tropical plants will kee going...

my cookinghut:
Thank you leemei!!

Thanks!! yes!! pls do live near to me!! then we can share2 mah!! Mishu do eat some but not Elliot!! I been eating this kuih for 4-5 days by myself..reheat and reheat again,so kesian..I won't offered to my neighbor again..once I gave them a huge bowl of curry chicken,they told me they dump the whole thingy into the sink cos it's smell weird!! ouch!!

Shu Han:
Thank for visiting me..Actually I been to your blog few times and tried to comment but I can't post my comment..I dunno it's your new interface or mine..but those blog who need verify WORDS to comment it's OK..anyway ,thanks!! yes this kueh is very easy to make!! too bad I seldom make kueh coz at the end of the day I have to chow it by myself:(

Thanks! yes!! as long as we have coconut and glutinous rice,then kau tiam!!

Thank you☺ same to you too!!

Petite nyonya:
Thank you and same to you too ☺

Sunshine said...

That's why I don't make all these food cause end of the day I have to end up eating all of it since no one would eat it and I get sick of eating it then throw away so wasteful.

Yeah last time I make curry for my MIL she didn't say anything so I'm SURE she threw it away..Waste my time and money. I've learnt not too anymore..

Anonymous said...


Where did you get Bunga Telang in United States? Did you buy online?


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