Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stir-fry Sweet Shoots Pea and Tendrils

Snow pea tips, also called pea tendrils or pea shoots, are spring vegetable which have a wonderful, sweet flavor is also a very tender delicious vegetable.Last summer ,I do planted  some snow pea  and sweet pea in my garden but I didn't have the urge to pick the pea tips for cooking even though I heard from friends that the pea tips is great for cooking.Recently when I shop at Asian market in NYC , I saw pea tips on sale and suddenly I have the urge to try this vegetable.Maybe it's because I get bored eating the same kind of greens everyday..To my surprised, I found stir-fry snow pea tips is really tender crisp and delicious!! Trust me,all I need to stir fry is some oil,garlic and salt!! taaa-dah!!

2 lbs Snow pea tips or pea tendrils or pea shoots,washed and drained
1 bulbs fresh garlic,peeled and sliced
4-5 tbsp olive oil or regular oil
handful shredded carrot *optional*

some ground black pepper
salt to taste


1:Heat large skillet or wok with oil at high heat.Add in garlic,fry until fragrant.Toss in snow pea tips, or pea tendrils or pea shoots and carrot,mix well.Stir-fry the vegetable for 2-3 minutes,then add in salt to taste and ground pepper.

2:Make sure the vegetable is crisp and tender not over cooked..Removed from heat.Serve immediately with warm rice.



WendyinKK said...

Wow, the leaves look very tender, as tender and smooth like spinach.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lovely! Let me see whether I can find this veggie at my Asian market here. :)

mycookinghut said...

I remember this vege that my mom uses a lot in her cooking but can't seem to find in London.

ananthi parkin said...

Morissons sell them in a bag. £1

My Asian Kitchen said...

yes it's!! love this vege now!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

for the last few weels the funniest story is I can't even reply my own blog comment and now I can reply individual comment*weird*
if you have large Asian market at your area,I'm sure you can get this vege ..a pound about $2.50

My Asian Kitchen said...

lucky come my mom doesn't cook this vege for us ?? must skype her now!!*woot* lol!! trust me if you can find this vege in London,forget about choy sam or kailan..this is the best!! taste like taumui!

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