Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three Cups Chicken (Sanbeiji 三杯雞)

Sanbeiji or 3 Cups Chicken is a popular Chinese Taiwanese dishes.The dish originates from the Jiangxi province of southern China, and is a specialty of Ningdu.Its name literally translates as "three-cup chicken", referring to the sauce used for it.The three cups refer to one each of sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce..But for me I reduced the sesame oil to 1/2 cup instead..Whenever I used lots of sesame oil to cooked chicken I feel like I'm eating confinement food.Beside adding 3 cups of seasoning,I also added Thai's basil ,ginger and fresh garlic when stewing the chicken.The result is simply heavenly delicious!!

10 pieces medium chicken thigh(removed skin and cut 1/2)I preferred dark meat than white meat
5-6 fresh garlic,peeled and sliced
2 inch fresh ginger,peeled skin and sliced thin
3-4 sprig Thai's basil ( do not use local western basil,it's won't taste the same)
1/2 cup soy sauce (reduce or increase the amount to your desire taste)
1/2 cup sesame oil (or 1 cup)
1 cup Shàoxīng wine or michu
5 tbsp sugar
seasalt to taste (I reduced soy sauce)
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
3 tbsp oil 


1:Heat medium large stock pot(anodize) with oil at medium high heat.(or use wok or claypot)Toss in garlic and ginger, saute for 1 minute before add chicken,sesame oil,soy sauce ,wine and chicken bouillon powder.

2:Simmer the chicken for 15 minutes before add in basil,sugar and seasalt..Stir the chicken well with all the ingredients ,reduce heat and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes or until cooked.Check the seasoning.

3: Dish out the chicken and served warm with steamed white/brown rice.


WendyinKK said...

I heard it's the chinese tea cup, not our regular cups for one chicken.
So far I use 50ml of each when I cook 3 whole legs. No extra seasoning needed, just right for me.

Amelia said...

Hi, your 3 cups chicken looks delicious, so silky smooth. Yummy. Have a nice day.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I loved 3 cups chicken too but I have yet to try it with basil.

daphne said...

I read so much of this but never tried it before..the amount of sesame oil freaks me out ..wonder if it will taste just as good if i reduce it.. mmm

My Asian Kitchen said...

I think what you hear is right!! that why I keep wondering why must we add so much 1 cup each seasoning...I had 3 cups chicken at Taiwanese restaurant in NYC but I didn't taste or smell lots of sesame oil at all..I always adjust or reduced the seasoning to my desire..don't really follow 1 cup measurement..

Thank you dear ☺

oh!! you should try it if you like comfort food or braised chicken..I think the Thai's basil really gave a different aroma..

yeah...especially if you had confinement will get afraid of sesame oil in a long time!! hahah!! but don't worry you can always adjust the seasoning to your desire..I think alot of ppls mistaken by the name 3 cups!!like Wendy said maybe they meant small tea cup not the full cup!

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