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Kuih Loyang,Kuih Rose or Beehive Cookies wt Pandan Flavor

Chinese Lunar New Year is coming in few days.Chinese in Asia countries are busy preparing gifts,cleaning and shopping for this coming Dragon Year..Well,to celebrate Chinese New Year without cookies,is not fun at all,right? Although we won't have any visitors during this festival but I like to make few type of Chinese New Year cookies for our snack and gifts.United States goverment doesn't recognize Lunar New year as a public holiday.The Chinese speaking community here do celebrate but the celebration don't have much merry ambiance unless we visit Chinatown  or else it's like another regular working day for us.This year I try to be different making kuih rose or honeycomb kuih.I added some pandan paste flavor and all purpose flour on top of rice flour and corn flour..The result is not bad at all..
250 gm rice flour
200 gm all purpose flour
200 gm corn flour
7 large eggs
500 gm sugar
1 can of coconut milk (400 gm)
100 ml water
2 drops of pandan paste
2 liter or more oil for frying

METHOD: *Mistake I learned* Do not beat eggs and sugar until frothy like making cake.Just use hand whisker to beat the ingredients.Do not wash the moulds with dish washing detergent.Just dipped the moulds in oil and wipe it clean before or after cooking.

1.Combine eggs and sugar in a large bowl,beat with a hand whisker or use low speed if you're using mixer.
Sift corn flour,all purpose flour and rice flour,set aside in a bowl .Add in coconut milk and pandan paste.

2. Slowly pour in flour mixture into the eggs mixture by reduce the speed.Whisk all ingredients until well combined or to obtain a consistent batter. If there is some lump,use sieve. Scoop some batter in a small bowl for constant dipping the hot mould into the flour mixture.

3. Heat oil in a wok or deep fryer at 350 F.(Do not use non stick pot) Preheat moulds in the hot oil for 5-10 minutes. When the oil is hot enough, dip mould into batter,do not cover batter to the top. Make sure batter cover the bottom and sides of  the mould.

4. Hold coated mould in hot oil. (Do not let go the mould to sit on the bottom of fryer while the batter is still attached on the mould)Keep shaking the mould to release honeycomb cookies from mould. If needed, use chopsticks to help . Fry the cookies until lightly golden brown on both side.

5. Place the empty mould back into the hot oil.Use the next mould that been sitting in the hot oil to dip into the batter.(Do not use the just release mould to dip into the batter again.The batter won't stick onto the mould bcos it's not hot enough)

6:Each time before dipping the mould into the batter or pour the batter into the small bowl use a spatula to stir the batter first to get a consistency or well balance batter.Use a long sieve to remove the excess crumbs from oil .It's prevent the floating crumbs to stick to the cookies. Keep stirring the batter before dip the mould in the batter.

7:Prepare clean paper towel on 2 large tray.Place cookies on it to absorb the excess oil.Leave cookies to cool completely before store in air-tight container.

dip moulds in clean oil
eggs,coconut milk and all purpose flour

rice flour and corn flour

moulds in hot oil


WendyinKK said...

Your copper mould look so thick.
Mine is much thinner, could be fake stuff, LOL.
Nowadays I swear by brass moulds.

After cooking, I boil the oily moulds in water. Then hang them to dry. They don't feel oily after that. I think the next time I want to use, I will disinfect it first by boiling too, so that I can loosen whatever that is in the crevices that I can't see and can get to.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your design is different than mine, mine was the old design. With one mold, I already "kelang kaput" already, how did you manage to use two molds?

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy CNY to you too!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where to get this brass mould? i've been dying to find one but not successful. thanks

mycookinghut said...

This is another of my fav!!

My Asian Kitchen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Asian Kitchen said...

My mom told me not to wash it wt soap or water,just wipe it clean or dipped into the clean oil..maybe I should try your method.Yes my mould look thick but the when the cookies comes out it's look OK..My mom bought the moulds for me in Thailand,she said Thailand mould look pretty and easy to come out..Thanks for the tips!

My Asian Kitchen said...

I dunno,there are different design...I have mine for 3 years..aiyo...if I have one mold to work on 600gm flour...I think it's took me atleast 8 hours!! lol!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family too!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

I don't know where is your location..if you're in Asia you can get this mold anywhere but if you're in States...I have no idea wher you can get from the store..maybe you can try's called rosette cookies mold:

My Asian Kitchen said...

me too!! I just chowed down 10 pieces!!

H said...

Which version to you prefer the most, the version rice flour + cornstarch or the version with all-purpose added? Do the version with all-purpose is crunchy as the one without?
Can wait to try your recipe!

Thanks Lesley for sharing


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