Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seared Salmon with Ponzu Sauce (Citrus )Over Enoki Mushroom

Recently I was in NYC, Chinatown for food shopping.Unfortunately,I arrived very late in the evening due to several reason..Most of the perishable store was going to close for the day.Usually perishable store will offered their stocks 30 minutes before closing time at very low price.I managed to grab few type of vegetables.One of the vegetables is Enoki mushroom..I think the price is not bad :$3 packets for $1.00,right? Furthermore the Enoki mushroom on sales is still very fresh and white in color..I also bought some fresh salmon from the fish monger.We love salmon dearly...One of the best way to eat salmon is to seared and drizzle with ponzu sauce. (tangy soy sauce with citrus)

1 piece of fresh salmon,skin and bones removed(sliced) about 300gm
1 pack Enoki mushroom,cut away the bottom brown roots before wash
3-4 tbsp ponzu sauce
roasted sesame seeds
handful cut scallion
1 tbsp oil


1:Prepare non stick pan at medium heat.Rub pan with oil.Place each sliced of salmon on the hot pan for less than 10 seconds on both side.Or grill the whole piece of salmon under open fire for 1 minute each side.Use a very sharp knife to slice the salmon thin.
2:Microwave Enoki mushroom for 2 minutes high or steam for 10 minutes.Place Enoki mushroom on a plate before seared salmon.
3:Drizzle ponzu sauce on the salmon.Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds and scallion on the top.
4:Serve as appetizer or main dish.


mycookinghut said...

Looks really good!! I will try it out. ;)

melonpan said...

mhhh that looks so delicious and tasty, wow i will try it out :-)

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