Saturday, April 21, 2012

Razor Clam in Udon Soup

I have this post for awhile but didn't have the chance to post until now.During cold winter I tried to consume more hot food or hot soup to warm up my body.I have love and hate relationship with winter.Long story short,I bought a bunch of udon noodles to keepsake in the fridge for rainy day.The only thing I need to do is to make the soup base and toss some ingredients for the noodle.Taa..dah!! within 15 -20 minutes ,I have a big warm bowl of noodle soup ready to eat!!


2 pack udon noodles,about 150 gm each
4-5 cups water
1 handful clean anchovies
1 tbsp dashi(Japanese stock base)

5 shitake mushroom,soaked and sliced
1 lb razor clam,boiled and remove shell
2 stalk cilantro,clean and cut
salt and ground pepper to taste
2 tbsp fried shallot and garlic oil


1:Prepare 4-5 cups water and anchovies in medium stock pot at high heat.Run udon under warm water for 5 minutes if udon was store in the fridge.
2:Simmer anchovies soup for 10-15 minutes before scoop up to trash.Add in dashi,mushroom,udon ,razor clam,salt and ground pepper.Cook at high heat for 5 minutes.
3:Dish out into 2 portions.Sprinkle some cut cilantro and fried shallot and garlic oil on the top.
4:Serve warm immediately.


Unknown said...

Mmm that looks so comforting, especially for a weather like today, gloomy and chilly!

mycookinghut said...

Yummy, this is a bowl of noodle that I need now!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping by ☺

My Asian Kitchen said...

come,come I cook a big bowl for you!! haha!

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