Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winter Melon ,Dried Oyster and Pork Rib in Soup

When we landed back from California right after we picked up our car,I told hubby it's good idea for me to do some food shopping in Queens since we arrived early at La Guardia Airport.It's to save me time to go down to Queen again.It's not only to save time but save the gas and agony of traffic.I bought plenty of perishable ,seafood,fish and dry grocery..One of the vegetable that I bought  and forgotten  was winter melon..Usually I like to cook winter melon with dried longan and loh han koh(Buddha fruit) as sweet dessert.But since the winter melon flesh doesn't look white and clear in color,I shaved off the bad part(too long in the fridge) and skins,save the rest for making soup for dinner.I decided to infused some dried oyster,candy dates and dried red dates to enhance the soup flavor.

I section of winter melon,about 3 pound,remove the skin and cut small
3 liters water
10 pitted red dates,washed
2 candy dates,washed
5-6 dried oyster,washed
2 strip of rib bone,about 2 pounds
salt to taste
some cut scallion for sprinkle

1:Prepare some water in a medium stock pot at high heat.When water rolling boil,toss in pork ribs,Boil for 5 minutes to remove the grease and fats.Run the pork ribs under cold water.
2:Use a medium stock pot to fill 3 liter water at high heat,when water rolling boil,add in pork ribs,red dates and dried oyster.Reduce heat to medium,simmer the stock for 30 minutes before add in winter melon and candy dates.Continues simmer the stock for another 15-20 minutes or until the winter melon cooked.
3:Add in salt.Check the seasoning.Remove cooked soup from heat.Dish out in a bowl,sprinkle with some green onion before serve warm.


WendyinKK said...

I think I will love this soup a lot!

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