Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Homemade Ginger and Garlic Chili Sauce

Ginger and garlic chili sauce is a popular sauce used in many Asian or Chinese dishes.For example:Hainanese chicken rice,fried fritter,yam cake or  many other Asian appetizer,delicacies or dessert.This sauce is easy to make by anyone at home. All you need to make this sauce is a blender or food processor ,fresh long chili pepper,garlic,ginger,salt and sugar!!Taaa...dah!!


20 long red pepper,washed and cut,removed the seeds
100 gm ginger,scrape skin off and cut
5 bulbs fresh garlic,peeled 
1/2 cup sugar
salt to taste
calamasi,lemon or lime on side

1:Wash and cut all the ingredients,set aside.Prepare food processor ,add in all the ingredients except calamasi,lime or lemon.Blend until smooth and fine.Check the seasoning.
2:Remove the sauce to a glass container for storage.Use clean spoon to scoop each time you need the sauce.Squeeze calamasi or lime into the sauce each time you needed.


ICook4Fun said...

I like to keep a jar of this chili sauce in my fridge but ran out of stock for a while now. I can't seems to find any fresh red chili here :(

Sheri - Creative Spaces Landscaping said...

I totally have to make this!!! Sounds absolutely delicious...thanks for sharing Lesley!

Best wishes,

mycookinghut said...

I absolutely love this sauce. Great with steamed chicken.. eheh. ;)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Yes!! to keep a jar of this type of chili sauce is really handy to eat wt any meal we cook,right?I thought fresh vege and fruits are abundant in Cali,no? The red long pepperI bought cost me $1.49 apound only...The price is good huh?

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping by and your kind words ☺ Hope you enjoy your time here ♪☺

My Asian Kitchen said...

Yes!! especially "pak cham kai" right?? how are you doing now?

gluten free said...

You can organise chilli competitions with your friends, who can aim for the hottest or the best attempt to recreate your own favorite commercial brand, the options are endless.

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