Sunday, September 30, 2012

Curry Chicken with Tumeric Rice(Kari Ayam Dan Nasi Kunyit)

I cooked this authentic Nyonya dish for a pot luck party when a good friend of mine came to visit her niece in New York from San Francisco.The day before I cooked this dish,I called my mom back in Malaysia.I'm seeking her advise,maybe I should said her knowledge to teach me how to make nasi kunyit with chewy and spongy texture.She told me to soaked the glutinous rice overnight before steam it the next day.I also added some pounded fresh tumeric in the soaking rice as she suggested but the color doesn't turn up as yellow as I expected.(maybe it's coz by storing in the freezer too long)Long story short my mom told me not to add water in the rice while steaming,just sprinkle some coconut milk and salt on the rice when it's almost ready.No wonder, my previous cooked nasi kunyit texture taste and look like porridge(bubur)!!Now I know the reason why I have a deconstructed nasi kunyit that look like nasi impit!!lol!

Curry chicken ingredients and method:
Refer  here curry-chicken-malaysia-style !!

2 cups glutinous rice,washed and soaked in water
3-4 inch fresh tumeric,pounded to extract juice or 2 tbsp tumeric powder
100 ml coconut milk,plus extra if needed
1 tsp of salt
3-4 pandan leaves

Side Dishes:
1 cucumber,slice
5 hard boiled eggs,discard shells and cut 1/2
200 gm fried anchovies

Method for Steamed Nasi Kunyit (Tumeric Rice) 

1:Washed and soaked glutinous rice over night.Pounded fresh tumeric and soak together with the rice.Prepare steamer at high heat.
2:Discard all soaked water in the rice.If  you don't have fresh tumeric,just use tumeric powder.Mix tumeric powder well in the water  with the rice before discard the excess water.Toss in pandan leave and salt in the rice,mix well.
3:Steam rice in aluminum container or deep stainless steel plate at high heat for 20 minutes with lid on.Remove lid and sprinkle coconut milk all over the rice.Use spatula to mix the rice well.Stem for another 5-10 minutes.
4:Remove rice from steamer and serve warm with curry chicken and side dishes.


steamed tumeric rice

curry chicken on the stove


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