Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fried Sweet Potato Ball

Last month when I was in Queens ,I bought some sweet potato .Now I wonder what to do with it before it's rot.At first I wanted to make some sesame ball but after steamed the sweet potato ,I decided to make plain sweet potato ball for convenience  reason.(read here: suddenly L.A.Z.Y mode on the way!! hahaha!!)This dessert is easy and simple to make as long you have the 3 main ingredients :sweet potato,glutinous flour and sugar.Honestly, this sweet potato dessert is not bad at all pairing with hot coffee as snack or afternoon tea.

300 gm steamed yellow or white sweet potato ( or any of your favorite:purple or orange) peeled and cut before steamed
250 gm glutinous flour,plus extra for dusting
200 gm sugar,plus extra if you prefer sweeter
1 cup canola oil for frying


1:Peeled and cut sweet potato before steam at high heat.I steamed in steamer for 30 minutes at high heat.If you don't have steamer or wok or want a easy way then you can use microwave to steam at high heat until soft.I didn't know long long coz I never use microwave for steaming potato or yam..
2:Then mashed steamed sweet potato while it's still warm until mushy.Add in glutinous flour and sugar,knead together until well blended.
3:Then divided the dough in ball shape about 50 gm each.Heat oil in fryer or deep stock pot at medium high heat about 320 F.Place the balls on the hot oil,fry until golden brown.
4:Remove fried sweet potato ball from fryer to paper towel to absorb excess oil.Serve warm with tea or coffee.

 sweet potato dough

50 gm each ball


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh it looks chewy, yum!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you ☺

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