Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homemade Soy Milk

Making soy milk at home is not really hard..You don't needs to have special soy milk maker to make this delicious healthy drink.All you needs is a blender,a large size white clothes, large sieve and a large stock pot..I think I has problem when drinking soy milk sold at supermarket counter.Whenever I drink ready made soy milk,I will have several headaches and later resulted to vomit.I think my body reacted to the preservative added to the ready made soy drink.As we know soy milk intended to get spoilt easily,that the reason why soy milk maker have to add preservative to this product... Taaa...dah!! less than an hour ,I can have a glass or more fresh and healthy soy milk !!

2 pounds soy bean,soaked overnight
20 cups water or more
5-6 sleeve pandan leaf
sugar to taste

1:Grind soaked soy bean with some water in blender until almost fine.Pour the grinded soy bean into a large stock.Repeat the same procedure until done.
2:Place stock pot at high heat,keep stirring to prevent the pulps from sticking or burn at the bottom.When it's bubbly boil,reduced the heat to medium,let it simmer for 20 minutes but remember keep stirring.
3:Remove the stock pot from heat.Use a large white thin clothes or cheese clothes over a large sieve.Scoop soy milk  with pulps into the sieve,use ladle to compress or squeeze the hot milk out into another large stock pot.
4:Discard the pulps ,simmer the sieved soy milk at low heat for 10 minutes.Add in sugar to taste.Serve warm or cold.


Shu Han said...

packaged soy milk is junk, it tastes totally artificial. I've almost given up on it. I always thought soy milk needed a soy milk maker, now that I know it's quite simple I may actually give it a go, very soon! x

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