Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seafood TomYam Soup

These day our weather is getting colder.For me Fall is one of the best season after Spring.The best food for us to warm our body is a big bowl of hot and spicy soup!! I bought plenty of tom yam paste from my last trip back from Malaysia..Right now it's the best time to make this tom yam soup!! Making tom yam soup is no brainier at all.I can have a bowl of spicy and warm soup is ready to eat within 30 minutes!

3 liters water
2 cubes tomyam or anchovies cubes
3 tbsp tomyam paste
2 tbsp sambal-belacan-paste,plus extra if you want spicy
3-4 kaffir leaf( daun limau purut)
2 tbsp sugar

10 large shrimp head-on,snipe the legs and antenna
1 large white squid,cut small
2 pieces boneless tilapia, slice

1 medium carrot,peeled and cut
1 large onion,peeled and cut
1 small bell pepper,cut small
1 medium tomato,cut small
handful cilantro

1:Prepared medium stock pot with water at high heat.Add in tom yam cubes or anchovies cubes.
2:When liquid rolling boil,add in carrot,kaffir lime leaf,tom yam paste and sambal-belacan-paste .Boil for another 10 minutes.
3:Add in bell pepper,onion,tomato,shrimp,squid and fish,cook for 5 minutes.Check the seasoning.
4:Dish out and serve warm.


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