Sunday, January 27, 2013

Steamed Seabass with Ginger and Garlic in Soy Sauce

Winter is the best season for catching, buying and or fishing fresh seabass at Atlantic Ocean.You must wonder why winter is the best season right? Seabass is ample during this season and the price is relatively cheap compare with other season.. Mishu loves all type of steamed fish.She not afraid of the bones or the head attached.She is braver than me.She dare to eat the fish eyes and always request to have the head part of the fish.I really salut her courage and taste bud.Today I just steamed a simple seabass with ginger and garlic with soy sauce..This dish is not only delicious but healthy too.


3 seabass,about 1 pound each,clean inside out with head and tail attached
1 stalk cilantro,washed and cut
3-4 inch fresh ginger,scale the skin and julienne
5-6 cloves fresh garlic,peeled and slice
1/4 cup vegetable oil
5-6 tbsp soy sauce


1:Clean and wash the fish.(Or you can ask fish monger to clean it for you) Prepare steamer with water at high heat.Place fish on a large plate (heat resistance plate).Sprinkle some julienne ginger under the fish.
2:When water rolling boil,place fish in the steamer for 10-15 minutes.While fish is steaming, fry ginger and garlic until lightly brown.Then pour soy sauce into the fried ginger and garlic.
3:Remove fish from heat or shut off the heat.Discard the excess water that was seeping into the steamed fish.
4:Pour the soy sauce mixture onto the steamed fish.Top with some cut cilantro.Serve warm with steamed white ri


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