Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homemade Coconut Egg Custard Jam with Bread (Kaya)

The best result to eat kaya (coconut egg jam) is accompany with butter or margarine on two pieces of toasted bread.Toasted bread spread with kaya is a popular snack or breakfast eaten by all Malaysian.Making your own kaya at home is not a very difficult task if you don't mind the stirring handiwork.I understand some people use slow cooker to make kaya instead of using double boiler because they refused to stand an hour in front of open stove to stir the jam constantly.I would love to experiment kaya with slow cooker  but unfortunately my slow cooker is too big ( 10 quart).I recalled many moons ago I bought a small can of kaya in a store ,the texture is very silky smooth but it's has no egg or coconut flavor at all.I guess they mixed with flour or artificial ingredients to save cost and make the kaya look pretty on the surface.If you're healthy conscience and love this delicious jam,you should consider to try to make it yourself..Trust me..making your own kaya is really priceless!! have fun and enjoy!!

600 ml coconut milk
10 large eggs
2 1/2 cups gradulated sugar
2 pieces palm sugar
5-6 leaves pandan,tie knotted

1:Prepare a double boiler with water on a stove over low heat.Crack all the eggs in the stock pot,beat well.Pour in coconut milk,sugar,palm sugar and pandan knot into the eggs.Use whisk to beat the egg mixture regularly.
2:Keep whisking the eggs mixture for about 1 hour or longer until thicken.The texture must be thicken and smooth.If you want a smoother texture,use food processor to blend the jam or use hand blender to beat it while stirring.(I just like the texture as it's)
3:Remove coconut egg jam from double boiler and let's cool down.Store in container in room temperature for a week .If you can't use up in a week,the jam must be store in fridge.


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