Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Malaysia Pork Jerky (Bak Gua) 肉干

Bak Gua or Long Yok is a popular pork snack that sold all year long and especially abundant before Chinese New Year in Malaysia.This delicacies is a must to have during this festive season.It's also suitable to present to friends and relatives during Chinese New Year as a gift.For those who are not reside in Malaysia,buying Malaysia made jerky is really really expensive..Yes,there are few Malaysia made jerky store in Chinatown ,New York City.As for me I'm too lazy to go to New York City to get Malaysia made jerky, so almost every year I will tried to make pork jerky at home.Actually,it's not really hard or complicated to make jerky at home.Basically all the seasoning ingredients are available or on stand by if you're in Chinese kitchen.Try it once at home whose know maybe your own made is better than the one sold in the store!!.Have fun and enjoy!!


2.5 pounds minced pork (30% fats and 70% lean meat)or request butcher to minced the pork
3 tbsp light soy sauce
4 tbsp fish sauce
2-3 tbsp shaoxing wine ( Chinese wine)
1 tsp five spice powder ( 5 heong fan)
2 tsp ground black pepper
300 gm granulated sugar
1 drop red food coloring *optional*


1:Combine all the ingredients in a medium mixing bowl,mix well with spatula or large spoon.Marinate for 30 minutes or longer in the fridge.Place an aluminum foil over large baking sheet before spread pork mixture over it.
2:Use a spoon or flat ware to smooth the pork mixture thin then cover with saran wrap/plastic wrap.Use a rolling pin to smooth the surface level.(I used pastry tool)
3:Pre-heat oven to 250 F.Bake pork mixture in the oven for 20-30 minutes.Remove from oven use pizza cutter or scissor to cut the jerky into your desire size.
4:Grill the pre-cut jerky over grill or broiler or open stove until charred on both side.Let it cool completely before store in container or wrap with foil.


Serve with bread as sandwich
Serve as it's as an appetizer
Serve as snack
Serve with congee

minced pork with seasoning

spread on baking sheet and ready to bake in oven

ready to eat!! taa--dah!!


ICook4Fun said...

I bought some bak kwa from manhattan Chinatown and they were not good at all. I think ours homemade ones taste so much better.

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