Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stir-fry Green Cabbage with Salmon Skin

 What do you do with salmon skin after you used the salmon meat? Many cook will just trash away the salmon skin.I understand in many Japanese restaurant the sushi chef used salmon skin to make maki(roll).But for me I like to use this by-product to create another fantastic dish for  my dinner.My slogan is do not waste good and delicious food!!


1/2 nos green cabbage,about 2 lbs,washed ,drain and cut
1 small carrot,peeled and sliced
4-5 fresh garlic,peeled and minced
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp chicken boullion powder
salt to taste
4 tbsp oil

2 large piece salmon skin,fry until crisp


1:Heat large skillet or wok with 1 tsp oil at high heat.When skillet hot enough,place salmon skin on the skillet.Fry until the skin  golden brown and crispy.Chopped or cut with knife,set aside.
2:Add the rest of oil in the wok.Toss in garlic,fry until fragrant,then toss in carrot and cabbage.Stir fry cabbage until soft,then toss in chicken bouillon powder,oyster sauce and salt,mix well.
3:Check the seasoning.Top the cut salmon skin before dish out and serve warm.


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