Friday, April 26, 2013

Homemade Muah Chee (Sticky Cake with Peanut)

It's been ages since I eat any muah chee..Muah chee is a sticky dough steamed from glutinous rice flour.It's gooey and cut into small pieces and coated with crushed peanut,sesame seeds and sugar.Usually we can find this type of snack at night market( pasar malam) or food court.Since living in States,there is no way I can get this delicious snack anywhere or anytime.So if I really miss this sticky cake, I must make it myself!!Actually making muah chee is  really simple and easy,no hassle. As long as you prepared the roasted crush peanut in advance,you can make muah chee anytime!! viola!! a real delicious Malaysia snack from your kitchen!!


250 gm glutinous flour,sifted
1 1/2 cup cold water
2 tbsp oil


100 gm powder sugar,sifted ( or granulated sugar)
300 gm roasted peanut,crushed (I preferred my peanut not crushed too fine)
100 gm roasted sesame seeds *optional*


1:Prepared crushed roasted peanut and sesame seeds in advance.Sifted glutinous flour and mix with water well.Then pour the batter in an aluminum pan with oil,run all over the pan.

2:Prepared steamer or wok with water at high heart.Steamed the batter for 30 minutes.Mix crushed peanut with sifted sugar powder well in a large bowl..Use scissor to cut the dough in small pieces.Roll the dough into the peanut mixture.

3:Serve immediately as snack.

peanut and sugar powder mixture

steamed glutinous cake


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