Monday, April 22, 2013

Sambal Hei-Bee (Sambal Udang Kering)Dried Spicy Shrimp

I remember when I was in Malaysia for summer vacation, I told my mom that dried shrimp and anchovies sold here is quite pricey and low in quality.My mom bought few kilos of dried shrimp and anchovies for me to bring back home.As usual, whenever I visit Malaysia I will brings lots of food back home with me.Weeks before my trip back home here,I started to get or prepared all the food that I wanted to bring along with me.At the time buying all the stuffs was not a problem ,happily buying without second thought but when it's comes to packing time I was scratching my head.I was told that my luggage was very much over weight when I checked in!! Of course ,I have to removed plenty of stuffs and food that I bought from my luggage and left it with my mom.But the worst nightmare is not yet to come!! When I arrived at JKF airport,I had to pray very very hard not to get caught by the custom official.Luckily ,I was able to entry without problem.If I was caught by the TSA,they going to blacklisted my name!! Long story short,since I planned to visit my family again this summer,I better clear all the stock now.I found out ,I still have some dried shrimp and etc.Well,what a better way to use this dried shrimp than making the popular sambal hei-bee,right?? it's so appetizing to eat sambal hei-bee with bread or just steamed white rice!! Just thinking about it,make me want to eat some now!! Actually my recipe is very simple..Well,maybe I made my sambal paste in advance,so it's sound simple but the sauteed time for the sambal hei-bee until fragrant  is really time consuming.My friend told me to use oven instead of frying the dried shrimp in wok for hours.I think it's a good idea!! Maybe next time, I will do that method!!


1 pound dried shrimp,wash for couple of time,soak and drain ( smaller size is OK) pound or grind
1/2 pound sambal-belacan-paste or more if prefer spicy,add extra
1 tbsp turmeric powder
sugar to taste
salt to taste

1:Wash dried shrimp few time to remove any debris or dirt,soak for 20-30 minutes then drain dry.Use food processor to pulse the dried shrimp.(since average size dried shrimp is quite pricey,the alternate way to save some $$$ is to get mini or small size dried's doesn't matter since the dried shrimp needs to grounded).
 2:Prepare sambal paste in advance.Heat wok at medium high heat.Toss in pounded or grind in the wok,use medium heat to fry the grounded dried shrimp for 34 minutes or until semi dried.(friend told me to use oven to bake the grounded dried shrimp dry in future to save time and energy)
3:Add in sambal-belacan-paste into the wok,mix well,fry both ingredients for another 30 minutes or more.Add in sugar and salt,mix well.Check the seasoning.Fry for another10 minutes before dish out.
4:Cool down completely before store in air tight container .Ideal to use as side dish or paste for stir-fry or just pairing with rice or noodle.

sambal belacan paste in wok!! check the recipe here!! sambal-belacan-paste


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