Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gingko Nut,Barley and Quail Egg Sweet Dessert Soup

My mom loves to make fresh gingko nut sweet dessert soup for the family.She would personally buy the fresh gingko nut and break the nut manually by herself for hours.For me who is lazy would not even dream of cracking and peeling the gingko nut myself.I think this type of task is really time consuming.If I really really want to eat this dessert,I would just buy the ready peeled gingko nut in vacuum pack to save time.If you have no time to cook this delicious dessert soup yourself, hop over to any hawker stall or food court.This famous dessert soup is available everywhere in any hawker stall .


300 gm fresh gingko nut,removed shell with light hammer
10 quail eggs,boiled and removed shell
2 sheets dried  bean curd (fu chok),lightly washed
2 large eggs,lightly beat
1 small pack barley or 100 gm,washed
2 liter water or plus more if necessary
5-6 leave pandan(screwpine leave)
rock sugar or sugar to taste


1:Bring the water and pandan leaves  to boil in a medium stock pot at high heat.Then add in barley and gingko nuts cook for 15 minutes.
2: Add in rock sugar or sugar and bean curd sheet into the pot,use ladle to stir the ingredients well.Cook for another 5 minutes.Slowly pour in lightly beaten eggs in the soup.Check the sweetness.
3:Toss in boiled quail egg.Dish out and serve warm or chill.


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