Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My mom's Stir-fry Sambal Petai with Anchovies

It's been awhile since I posted any new entry.No,I didn't abandon my beloved blog.Our summer vacation in  Asia was over and now I have to go back to my daily routine.*crying* Since summer vacation until now I hardly cook at all until few days ago.All I do during our vacation was enjoying my mom's cooking or eating out.This petai dish is one of my mom delicious dish.
Petai or stink beans is one of the popular dish in Malaysia.Mostly people cooked this stink bean or petai in spicy shrimp paste sauce with shrimp but my mom cooked this delicious dish with anchovies instead of shrimp.All those year, I never try to eat this stink beans until few years back.Friends told me that this type of stink beans is good for health .Once tried,I think it's acceptable.I like the crunchiness of the beans texture if it's cooked right.My mom said when buy petai/stink beans,try to get the petai from local instead of Thailand's petai.Local petai taste better and have the lesser chance of worms living in the pods.

5 long stink bean in pods and cluster,removed the shell and skin,washed
1 medium onion,peeled and slices
100 gm fried anchovies
6-8 kaffir lime leaves(daun limau purut)

5-6 long red chili,cut and remove seeds
20 chili padi( small bird chili)
4-5 shallots,peeled
1 bulbs garlic,peeled
1 slice toasted belacan (shrimp paste)

*blend fine above paste ingredients in food processor*

1/2 cup cooking oil
sugar and salt to taste
3 tbsp tamarind juice


1:Heat wok at high heat with oil,kaffir lime leaves and chili paste.Use spatula to keep stirring the paste until fragrant,about 15 minutes.
2:Toss in slices onion and petai,cooked for 2-3 minutes.(do not over cooked petai)Keep petai crunchy.
3:Add in seasoning.Check the seasoning.Toss in fried anchovies and mix well.
4:Dish out and serve with steamed rice or noodles.


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