Friday, November 22, 2013

Chinese Winter Melon and Carrot with Pork Rib Soup

Chinese winter melon or called as "tong qwa" is a large waxed gourd.It's have pure white flesh that is very tender and delicious.I like to use this melon to make soup especially during  winterr season.This soup is not only healthy but delicious as a comfort food.

1/4 size winter melon,about 3 lbs removed hard skin and cut small
3-4 medium carrot,peeled skin and cut 2 inch each
5-6 stripe pf pork ribs,fat discards

sea salt to taste
1 tsp white pepper,crushed
4 liter water
some cut scallion

1:Removed winter melon skin and cut small.Peeled and cut carrot to about 2 inch length.wash all the vegetables and set aside.
2:Prepare a large stock pot with some water at high heat.When water rolling boil,place pork ribs into the water.When the blood and fats flooded on surface,remove stock pot from heat to running cold water.Wash the ribs until the water run clear.
3:Fill the stock pot with 4 liter of water at high heat.When water is boiling,add in pork ribs and
crushed white pepper ,boil for 30 minutes with lid on.
4:Add in carrot and winter melon into the soup,boil for another 20 minutes.Add in seasalt.Check the seasoning.
5:Remove pot from heat,dish out and serve warm.


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