Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet Corn,White Radish,Carrot in Pork Soup

I rarely add sweet corn in any homemade soup until now.Actually adding sweet corn with white radish is not really a bad idea.The soup is not only healthy but taste delicious with tangy sweet due to the sweet corn  and candy dates but also counter the flavor of white radish which is pungent. I also added some carrot and red dates with some pork in bone to get better taste and nourish benefits.


1 white radish,peeled and cut cube
2 sweet corn ,cleaned and cut into 2 pieces
5-6 large red dates,pitted
3 candy dates,washed
2 medium carrot,peeled and cut 2 inch each
salt to taste
3-4 liter water or more if needed


1:Wash and cut all the ingredients clean and set aside.Prepare a medium large stock pot with some water at high heat.When water rolling boil,place cut pork in bone in the pot for 5 minutes or until the lard and blood surface on the pot.
2:Remove pot from heat and discard the water,run cold water over the pork in bone until clear and then set aside.
3:Use the same pot with water at high heat.Combine all the ingredients in the stock pot except salt.Cook all the ingredients with lid on until boil,then reduced heat to medium.
4:Continue to boil the soup for another 30 minutes.Refill water if necessary.Add in salt.Simmer soup for another 15 minutes.
5:Check the seasoning. Dish out and serve warm.


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