Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homemade Kaya (Coconut Egg Custard Jam)

I prefer making my own kaya at home rather than buying one from the store. You may ask why?? Well,I remember years ago, I bought a tub of kaya from the store.The taste of kaya doesn't taste like they added coconut milk nor eggs ,so I can said it's tasteless but the color really look great with shinny brownish.Not to said it's pricey and I believed they may add some preservative too.Trust me making your own kaya doesn't required skill or excessive money.All you needed is just 3 ingredients and time.If you're too lazy to whisk while steaming for 2 hours ,you can use rice cooker or slow cooker to make it although I never try it before but heard from friends it's taste just the same.I love my kaya spread on a piece of toast and butter.It's really taste heavenly delicious and priceless!!


10 large eggs(organic hormones free)
1 can coconut milk (400 ml)
3 cups granulated sugar,plus minus to your taste bud
4-5 leaves of pandan(screw pine leaves) tie knot


1:Crack all eggs in a double boiler pot,whisk or beat well.Add in pandan leaves,coconut milk and sugar.
2:Prepare water in the bottom pot of double pot at medium heat.Place the top pot with egg mixer on the bottom pot.Use hand whisk to beat the mixer from time to time.
3:Continue to whisk the mixer until the texture turn gooey and thick. and  the color turn light yellow to light greenish.It's take about 2 hours.Add water to the bottom pot if needed.
4:Check the sweetness.Add sugar if needed.Remove kaya(coconut jam) from heat.Let it cool down completely before remove pandan leave and discard.Spread kaya on bread or toast or cracker as snack.


Anonymous said...

Well, my Asian Kitchen, I totally agree with you that homemade kaya is the best. However, I still buy kaya from shops, this is because homemade kaya cannot last long and I take a long long time to finish, sometime even up till a year. With homemade kaya, there was not modified starch or whey added to stable the kaya and definitely authentic.

Hence, I still buy kaya from shop.

Priscilla Poh

WokandSpoon said...

I love kaya but am always too lazy to make it. I think I've made it once and loved how my house smelled afterwards!

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