Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pickled Green Long Chili (Malaysia Style)

I always craved for pickled green chili when I eat "yee mee" or "wantan mee" or Cantonese fried noodles at home.Last month when I visited one of my long time friend in Queens,she gave me a bottle of pickle green chili.I finished the bottle within a week!! Then I was thinking,why don't I make the pickled green chili myself since it's only required minimum ingredients and easy to prepared!! The next day I went to farmer market and bought 2 pounds of green long chili.After the preparation(less then 30 minutes) and marinating,I let the pickled sit in room temperature for a day before move the jar into the fridge.The reason is to preserved the chili pickle from getting soggy and mushy while sitting in the vinegar at room temperature..Taaa.dahhh!!! Now I have plenty of pickled green chili for my noodle anytime without reservation!!


2 pounds green long pepper,washed and dried
4 cup white vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp seasalt


1:Wash a medium large glass container with lid in water and dry it.
2:Wash and dry green long pepper before slice thin.Place sliced pepper in a sieve and shake it well until most of the seeds discard.
3:Pour vinegar ,sugar and seasalt in  the jar or bowl.Use a large spoon or wooden spatula to stir the ingredients until dissolved.
4:If possible use glove to slice the green pepper .Remember to discard all the seeds if possible by using basket sieve.You can use the Indian method of separating beans,it's very useful and effective.
5:Stuff all the slices green pepper into the clean glass container,,then pour the vinegar mixture into the glass container.Make sure all the green chili submerge in the vinegar mixture.Then cover the container with lid and let it stay in room temperature for 5 hours before consume. (I prefer overnight)
6:Move the pickled green chili to the fridge to retained the crunchiness.Use clean utensil when remove green chili from vinegar.


Akmos17 said...

Yeah and he thinks it's just overcooked schnitzel haha! But I will not be swayed - I have to have it every time I go home to visit.Malaysia Food

eugwend said...

Can I use jalapeno pepper?

pexejurer said...

Thank you a lot! It’s really helpful

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