Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pan Fried Fish Paste Wrapped in Wanton Skin

Recently, I bought a pound of ready fish paste from an Asian store in Chinatown,Queens.This ready fish paste is really really good.It's comes with all the seasoning and perfect to use for any type of cooking as snack or appetizer or main dish.Usually, we used "fu-pei" a.k.a bean curd sheet to wrap fish paste but I didn't know I run out of bean curd sheet.Since I have wanton wrapper why not try it out.Although wanton wrapper don't have the crunchiness as bean curd sheet after fried but it's still acceptable.This snack is suitable to serve as an appetizer. 


1/2 lb fish paste mixture (ready made from fish monger)
1 stalk cilantro,washed and chopped
1 tsp white pepper powder
1 tsp seasalt
1/2 pack wanton skin/wrapper (sold in any Asian Mart)
1 cup of canola oil


1:Toss in chopped cilantro,pepper powder and seasalt into the fish paste,mix well.Remove wanton wrapper from plastic and cover with a damp paper towel or clean clothes to prevent the wrapper from drying.
2:Use butter knife to spread fish paste` mixture on the wanton wrapper.The amount of paste is more or less depend on your preference. Dap some water on the wrapper side before fold in triangle.Repeat the same exercise until the fish paste or wrapper run out.
3:Heat skillet or wok with canola at medium high.Place each one of the triangle into the hot oil.Fried both side until golden brown.Remove fried triagle from hot oil to plate lined with paper towel.
4:Serve warm with your favorite sauce.


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