Friday, May 16, 2014

Chicken TCM Herbal Soup in Korean Pear

My mom bought some Chinese herbal for me to bring back with me from my last trip to Malaysia.Well,my mom knows the herbal better than me in form of benefits,qualities and prices,so I just let her do it without question.To be honest, I have no idea at all what these herbals functionality in term of "yin and yan" or health benefits.Traditional Chinese Medicine is very complicated to understand,just to remember the names make my head spinning big time!! Hahaha!! All I need to know is Chinese herbals are good for our health!! Yes!! you can called me ignorant  since I never learn or intend to remember what has been taught to me. Most of the time ,I just washed and toss the herbals into the pot with the meat and boil for few hours until it's ready to consume!! My personal opinion,if it's taste good that all it's matter!!I  bought a box of 3 Korean Pears from Chinatown and I remember a friend said about pear to make soup,so I toss in a big fat pear into the soup together. It's taste mildly sweet and smooth,not bad at all..My Mishu love any type of soup especially Chinese soup with herbs.She not typical American kid who only know how to drink hot and sour soup or egg drop soup.She even eat gojiberry after drinking her soup.I told her gojiberry is good for your eyes,then she said "OK" I will eat more!!
Chinese herbals from clock wise: 
dang gui( Chinese Angelica),hong zhou(pitted red dates),yu zhu(solomon seal's),wai san (Chinese yam or  dioscorea) gouji(gojiberry or wolfberry) and dang shen root( codonopsis) 

5 clean drumsticks or any part of chicken

handful of dried gojiberry
handful of dried pitted red dates
2 slices of dang gui
3-4 dried wai san
5-6 slices dang shen root
handful of yu zhu
*above herbals in dried form must be wash before use*

1 large Korean pear,peeled skin
2 liters water
salt to taste


1:Prepare a medium large soup pot with water at high heat.Toss in all the herbs,cover the pot with lid.When water rolling boil reduce heat to medium,add in drumsticks and pear.
2:Boil for 30 minutes,check the soup level,if needed add in 2 cups of water and continue to boil for another 20 minutes.
3:Add in salt,check the seasoning.Boil for another 10 minutes before remove from heat.
4:Dish out and serve warm.


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